Let’s catch up on this nugget of information shall we?

Saturday night, Lupe Fiasco performed in Salt Lake City, UT. Forty minutes into his set a fan threw a tomato at him and Fiasco after pointing out the fan as a “fat white bitch”, ended the show. A much detailed account of the incident can be found here.

A few things come to mind here. First, who exactly in their right mind figures they’re bringing a tomato as a date to a concert? Was it a snack? And if so, who sells WHOLE TOMATOES at concession stands at rap concerts? Only Utah. Second, Fiasco does have a song called “The Show Goes On”. He also has a song called “Gotta Eat” where he imagines himself as a cheeseburger, metaphorically speaking of course. Neither really factor in here unless you want to get a few jokes off.

In all seriousness, Fiasco had all the right to cancel the show. If its your job to perform for people, unruly ones at that who chose to endanger your safety just for a few hits on YouTube and a small whiff of fame, then you can bounce. You don’t owe it to anybody really and if somebody came to your job and pulled off the same trick, more than likely someone would be leaving in handcuffs — cause a fight would go with that.