The big joke about ‘Family Guy’ is that it uses flashbacks and cut aways like nobodies business — and laughing at us, the community at large in the process. That being said, few of us actually anticipated what happened last night to happen. Sure, we’ve had “fake” deaths before like the time Stewie finally carried out his life’s mission and “killed” Lois but that was just an episode. Something about what happened last night felt somber, feel and got us inside of every feeling imaginable.

By the way, I’m just putting this out there but here’s a giant SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the episode or perused YouTube for a clip or two.

Brian died. Not in that awesomely cartoonish chicken vs. Peter fight gag that has lasted at least once every few seasons. No, Brian died in the most realistic and f*cked up way a favorite character who is a pet can die. He got ran over (*cue Ollie Williams* IT WAS A HIT AND RUN!) and sadly went to be with his mother after passing on in the veterinarian’s office.

Longtime fans of the show sort of heard winds of this during Comic Con and executive producer Steve Callaghan even explained why they did it but I can’t stand for it. Tell us there’s an episode coming where Stewie goes back in time and saves Brian. Tell me that. Because the last time the Griffin’s tried to replace Brian with somebody else we damn near revolted. I can’t stand for a show where Paulie f*cking Walnuts as Vinny is the family pet.

I mean, why couldn’t they do the obvious and kill Meg?


RIP boy. Even if you tried to be a leftist, atheist know-it-all — you were our leftist, atheist know-it-all.