Saturday night, Chance the Rapper comes to Houston. Tickets are already sold out and even the tickets that were released just one DAY ago got snatched up quickly to. So easily, this is the most sought after ticket in the city. Guess who has two just for a lucky fan? That’s right — us.

Friday at 5 PM we will be announcing the winner of our latest contest to grab a pair of Chance The Rapper tickets for Saturday’s show at Warehouse Live. How do you win? Rather easy. Answer the following question: Name the major samples on “Everybody’s Somebody” & “NaNa” from Acid Rap including the name of the artist who made the original and e-mail us the answers at Here’s the rule though: you MUST follow us on Twitter & or LIKE us on Facebook. Can’t give these things to just anybody. Also, you have to be from Houston or damn sure attending the show on Saturday. Good? Get to crate digging kids.

UPDATE: Contest over. Congrats to Stephen S./@Crowned1King