Due to exhaustion, I completely forgot that Lady Gaga was pulling double duty last night by being the host & guest performer on Saturday Night Live. Thanks to a few e-mails that said “Must Watch” & “R. Kelly” in the subject line, I immediately had to start digging around.

Then we got their performance of “Do What You Want”, that haughty disco-like record from ARTPOP. And for a while things seemed sort of normal. R. Kelly in all white like he was the alternate costume of Future, Gaga dressed in a metal mesh looking dress. Seemed pretty tame.

Until Robert picked up Gaga, put her on his shoulder and started singing. Then he placed her down, Gaga touched her toes and Kellz slapped her on the butt. Then she got on her knees and stimulated a little oral copulation while the GOAT of R&B belted a few high notes before Kellz hopped on top of her hitting pushups and licking her neck while she sang and pretty much ran through a few more “moves” before finishing in an embrace. At least we know they’re cuddlers?