As we’ve learned with the TDE/GQ fiasco, sometimes it pays to actually have someone who is well versed in a particular subject write about said subject. Dylan King for example has been a Screw disciple way before WordPress and has penned plenty of articles about Southern hip-hop, especially Texas & New Orleans to the point where him penning an article about the best mixtapes in the long (and we do mean long) history of DJ Screw is apropos.

Thirteen years following his unfortunate death from a codeine overdose in his home studio, Robert Earl Davis, Jr. has many nicknames, “The Originator” being one of them considering his sound has in effect taken over the world after his passing just as he was getting started making his tapes more of a national thing. We’ve covered Screw’s legacy with the documentary but here’s a more than credible list of Screw’s best tapes including Southside Still Holdin’, June 27th, Codeine Fien and more.