On Wednesday, the marketing team behind the SCOPE Show wasted little to no time rolling out the date for the third edition of the fledgling art and fashion expo. “March 2nd,” the announcement came in near all caps on Twitter.

If the squad behind the event were a football team they’d certainly believe in a 24-hour rule, enjoy your victory for a day because you start from scratch the next. Sunday’s festivities nearly doubled the attendance that was set in June and despite not having any food vendors for the second go round, more emphasis was placed on up and coming streetwear brands, media inclusion from the likes of 2Loud Magazine Houston Hip Hop Fix among others, an expansion of performing acts not only locally but nationally as well (the second floor of the spacious Stereo Live club was home to the R&B and eclectic performance rap based Debonair Lounge) and artwork. Atlanta’s Scotty and DC’s own AyeYoSmiley made appearances. Even Shea Serrano, illustrator of the best-selling Bun B’s Rap Activity & Coloring Book was on hand to sell a few copies.

SCOPE doesn’t try to make itself seem like a giant thing, at least not yet. There isn’t a monopoly on promotion, no matter how large you may see Mo Bang Media ads spread all over the venue or the giant SF2 Prints logo splashed across a constantly moving white screen. They want everyone to join in on the fun, a sort of flexible democracy that doesn’t make one brand bigger than the other. Here, they’re all equals and for those who had made the excursion the first time out in June, the second one wasn’t one to pass up.

The Debonair Lounge as a whole is possibly one of the best new things about the city. A recent profile on the Lounge ran on Newsfix39 along with other press clippings that finally decided to grant an eye to the R&B scene that flocked over on Almeda every Monday night. Simone Skye let breathy vocals sway the crowd for her short set, Jonathas wowed every woman in the room and had some throwing invisible panties at the stage during his cover heavy performance but the real bright spot up there came in the form of Vin Zeal — a thirteen year old who might as well acted like she was 23 by how she dominated the stage and commanded it with a folk singer like presence, a confident blend of Frank Ocean’s earthtone wit and Solange’s wide-eyed view.

Festival life in Houston is pretty much at a premium these days. Hullabalooza, a sprawling music festival in its own right will take place Saturday in College Station with headliners Ludacris, Childish Gambino, RiFF RaFF and more. Paste’s Untapped Festival highlighting both beer & music culture takes place Saturday at Discovery Green. Free Press Summerfest is currently in talks to add a third day to its weekend lineup and it almost seems every weekend there’s an ethnic festival in tune with the spirit of curiosity and growth. But for SCOPE and its growing list of vendors and exhibitors, enjoying their home inside of Stereo Live seems quite nice.

And rather convenient too.

For more images and coverage of the show please visit SCOPE’s official website. The 2014 Spring edition of the SCOPE show takes place March 2nd, 2014 at Stereo Live.