Sabi - 0 To 60_Love Sounds_cover

Sabi has arrived, y’all.

The California songbird has tired of teasing fans with awesome one-shot songs and made good on her promise to drop a new project last week, releasing her debut full-length EP, 0-60: Love Sounds.

Hosted by Power 106 radio’s own DJ Carisma and veejay Yesi Ortiz and clocking in at eleven tracks, 0 to 60 is quite the addition to those unfamiliar with Sabi’s sound. And for those who have never heard her music before – or who slept on the Tyga-featured lead single “Cali Love” and second single “Love Sounds” – it’s going to be one hell of an introduction. Production for the album is handled by Mark Feist, Ryan McDermott, Jonas Jeburg, and The Costars, with co-production credits coming from The Arsenals and Mike McTaggert. “Love Sounds” is just the tip of the iceberg, with a mix of songs ranging from ballads (“Dreams”) to slightly melancholic songs that will get your body moving (like “Better Than This”) and some nice spoken transitions between tracks that highlight Sabi’s sultry voice and sort of tie the album all together as one connected story.

If you’ve been sleeping on Sabi, 0-60: Love Sounds should wake you up… and should firmly set up Sabi to break out heading into 2014. Stream and download the EP for the free below.