The history of G-Side in the analog of Southern rap, especially that of Alabama isn’t tricky to decipher. For a while, ST 2 Lettaz & Yung Clova were the guys who took from what Dirty brought forth and instead molded it around space age production from Block Beattaz and introspective lyricism. They stuck around inside of an ever expanding creative bubble, finally reaching critical highs following their 2008 release of Starships & Rockets. But in mid-2012, the duo called it quits unexpectedly, citing their want to grow as men apart from one another. ST 2 Lettaz proceeded to go on a notable solo run while Yung Clova kept it mostly quiet.

So while you may think “Forever” is something brand new, it’s more than that. It’s the return of a duo a lot of us were just starting to enjoy hit their stride and stretch out even further together. Their Gz To Gods album is set to arrive in 2014.