While most of the nation had their full attention on the return of college basketball tonight and, especially, the showcase of young talents Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker for the University of Kansas and Duke U, respectively, there was another game going on. In the Staples Center, the Kobe-less Los Angeles Lakers played host to the New Orleans Whatdaf*cks Pelicans.

One of the clear bright spots for the young Lakers team early on as they’ve attempted to establish a temporary identity without number 24, however, has been guard-forward Xavier Henry. We’ve seen glimpses of the young man’s talent but nothing could prepare us for what happened tonight in Staples towards the end of the third quarter.

I guess leading the Lakers in their own home stadium makes one bold. That has to be the only explanation for why New Orleans center Jeff Withey thought that he could stop Xavier Henry from taking flight if he stood in the middle of the paint and took a charge. He perhaps didn’t think far enough ahead. He perhaps didn’t see Henry developing a gather the minute he saw a clear path towards the net. I mean, they were teammates together at Kansas, for goodness’ sakes. He’d seen firsthand what Henry could do to others. He perhaps thought his friend would have mercy on him.

One thing Jeff for sure didn’t expect, was to be the face full of nuts of the first major poster of this NBA season, much less to get utterly FLATTENED by the force of Henry’s tomahawk jam.

May the Lord be Withey.

Featured photo courtesy of Getty Images.