Sabi - Love Sounds

It’s official – West Coast singer with the light and melodic voice Sabi is FINALLY dropping a full project. Maybe it was the fact that Sabi felt she’d tortured fans and listeners enough after the success of her Tyga-featured single “Cali Love.” Maybe Sabi was just quietly hustling this entire time building up an EP for public consumption. Whatever it is, Sabi is collaborating with Yesi Ortiz and DJ Carisma to drop her first EP next week. As a heads up, Sabi unveiled the project’s titular lead single yesterday afternoon.

Producer Ryan McDermott layers “Love Sounds” with tinkling keyboard keys and smooth drum taps, creating the perfect aural red carpet for Sabi’s lovely voice to step out and strut down. The result is a three minute and twenty second serenade from the California songstress, with a spoken outro to the song that may be the EPs intro – “I just have to talk about love right now… without thinking about any negativity.” It may not be a slow burner, but “Love Sounds” is certainly smooth enough to warm things up as it gets colder outside.

Sabi’s 0-60: Love Sounds EP, hosted by Yesi Ortiz and DJ Carisma, is slated to drop November 13th.

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