This is what I fear with the Insidious series.

I mean, their premises couldn’t be any more different, but considering how they’re made on the cheap, that series and the SAW series have a lot in common. Thing is, the SAW franchise started off hot, with two well-received movies that were not only inventive but they were actually good! Then it seemed like every year we were passed on another SAW movie that we didn’t technically ask for and thought the game was over.

Well, apparently Lionsgate & Jigsaw think otherwise. According to Bloody Disgusting, the franchise is looking to get back into the horror game following a three-year hiatus. The last time we saw Jigsaw on theater screens was in 2010, with SAW 3D. While there are no plans in line for crafting a direct sequel, Lionsgate is tinkering with a few things, such as a reboot all together.

Question is, post-Saw 3, did anyone truly care about the series?