OneHunnidt - Jealous, TX (f. DeLorean, Roosh Williams, Rob Gullatte, UZOY, Le$)

Now, one might think that Houston rapper OneHunnidt got inspired by DJ Khaled and just decided to throw everyone and their moms on one track in a posse cut of sorts for his most recent release, “Jealous, Texas.” Actually, that’s a good analogy… except for the fact that Khaled’s “collaborations” are a mix of the random and the downright strange. It’s apparent from the song’s opening lines, however, that Hunnidt clearly has something different in mind.

The song’s title plays upon the Twitter trend to precede the state initials – TX – with a word or phrase, as though to imply someone is occupying those feelings like they would occupy a city. This is the sentiment “Jealous, Texas” both communicates and criticizes – people’s desire to dap you up when you’re just barely making it, but once you get on and things get better for you, support becomes envy. George Young and Bee Honey set the background tone for the song over producer Johnny Juliano’s riding beat, Bee’s vocals both haunting and foreboding.

Delo bats off the lead, with Roosh Williams, Rob Gullatte, Le$ and finally Hunnidt himself contributing their own frustration with “love until success comes” and each layering quotable upon quotable. But by far, it’s UZOY who stands out the most, announcing her presence at the 3:25 mark, and cutting no corners as to her disgust with it all. “If it’s just for the hell of it, why come we fought” she spits, mimicking the mindset of unloyal people, “and if we don’t make it, it isn’t my fault?!”

OneHunnidt’s “Jealous, Texas,” featuring Rob Gullatte, Roosh Williams, UZOY, Le$, DeLorean and additional vocals from George Young and Bee Honey, will appear on Hunnidt’s upcoming Field Sobriety project.