Funk music absolutely missed afro drippy Snoop Dogg. Hate all you want but when the Doggfather decides to pick up autotune and rush into a world of strobelights and good times, everybody wins. 2009’s “Sexual Eruption” was the start and now that Snoopzilla has confirmed work with West Coast maestro DaM-FunK on a new LP, well the cosmos figures victory is in order for all. “Faden Away” is smokey chops and exuberance, a mandatory two-step record with DaM on the keytar where the party is sweaty, vibes are felt all around and the only thing you can do is find you the finest girl in the room to mack to?

7 Days Of Funk the collaborative effort from DaM-FunK & Snoopzilla arrives December 10th.