JMSN - Pllaje_cover

It seems like there’s no shortage of people seeking to copy the kind of murky, ephemeral music that stands with the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, and overseas star Daley. Many have tried and pretty much all of them have failed. Detroit native JMSN stands as one of the sole exceptions. While the man born Christian Berishaj may not have bought any vowels when it comes to his stage name, he won over a wealth of fans with his Priscilla album last year, an assault on the feelings and senses that stuck with everyone who was willing to listen. Today, JMSN released his follow-up of sorts to Priscilla in the form an EP entitled †Pllajë†; and just to whet our appetites, he posted a free stream of the album in full.

Ten tracks in length and propelled by early leaks “The One” and “Walk Away,” †Pllajë† bounces between short, interlude-esque drifts and longer songs that seem to go on in seemingly endless soundscape. So “Everything Fades” sounds much longer than its under two minute length, and “Wasted Love” is an aural trip. Oh, and give JMSN some credit as well for singing a song entirely in Spanish on “Donde Estoy.” Because in the back of your mind, you know you needed a foreign language slow jam because reasons.

Stream JMSN’s †Pllajë† EP in full down below; and if you like what you hear, be sure to snag it off iTunes now.