If we haven’t started already, we might be going to the DMX Mug Shot Bank and be on our way to adlibing whenever things happen to our friend Earl Simmons. The 42-year old rapper was arrested again in South Carolina on Monday night near Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport for driving with a suspended license and without a vehicle tag and insurance. These charges are similar to the ones X faced in August when he was pulled over and the entire thing was captured on video. He was subsequently released three hours later.

“He was arrested on minor traffic charges and spent only three hours in jail,” said Domenick Nati, a spokesman for the rapper. “This short arrest will not affect any of his upcoming concerts.”

Here’s what we’ve learned so far about X’s stays in South Carolina – the cops absolutely love to mess with him. For the same stuff. This isn’t ticky tack, oh no. Rather this is our friend and former ruler of all things in rap getting constant looks from South Carolina patrolmen simply because it’s DMX. Either put it into his contract that he has to pay for a driver to keep him from these incidents or start on the long ass road to some random South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles to get all of his tags and licenses in order.