The LNS Crew from Austin, TX may mistakenly be labeled as a crew that follows Kydd around but that is one serious misconception. Comparable to the League of Extraordinary Gz, possibly no other crew represents the ups and downs of the 512 better than them. If Kydd is the group’s outright star in the making thanks to his duality on the mic and the boards then Tank, its bearded everyman might be its most notable lieutenant.

6 Shots, the Austin native’s latest EP runs on the blood of West Coast DJ Quik inspired synths (“Whatever”), colossal drum landscapes (“Six Shots”) and a general connection to keep things eye level. He jokingly attempts to discuss lyrical miracles between stomping drums and his breakfast routine of weed and cereal but nothing seriously bites hard. Punchlines don’t immediately move mountains yet they feel quite conversational — and easy to run along with. 6 Shots decides to make most of its coin on the charisma of its main character, a father and family man who divides his time drinking, smoking and setting up his own misadventures in Austin. Stream the EP below via Tank’s Soundcloud page and watch videos from two of the tapes singles, “Cheers” and “One Deep”.