Saturday Night Live is the lone NBC comedy this season that has somehow made a dent. It still comes up socially and makes plenty of noise for a variety of different reasons and gets us to watch for either one or two reasons (musical guest & host). Last night was no different as Kerry Washington, aka the Sweetest Black Woman on Earth That’s On TV hosted for the first time. Mind you, she became the first black female “cast” member on the show since Maya Rudolph left. Yeah, it’s been that long.

So how does ‘SNL’ answer its own controversy by not having Kenan Thompson or Jay Pharaoh in every sketch dressed up like Madea? Oh, just go right on out and tackle the elephant in the room along with a bunch of sketches that are either hit (“What My Girl Say”, a parody of Norwegian pop group Ylvis’s hit “The Fox”) or miss (“Miss Universe”). Besides, nothing is going to top how flat out awkward and hilarious the cold open was.

Oh, and Eminem made an appearance along with Rick Rubin — who still puzzles most of middle aged America who has no idea who he may possibly be despite his more than impressive beard. SPIN‘s Marc Hogan digs deeper into that performance, questioning whether or not Em lip-synced heavily in both performances, “Bezerk” & “Survival” from his upcoming Marshall Mathers LP 2.


Cold Open

“What Does My Girl Say?”

Eminem – “Berzerk” (SNL Performance)

Eminem – “Survival” (SNL Performance)