Action Bronson - Practice

Action Bronson’s sequel tape to the sleeper set of bangers collectively known as last year’s Blue Chips is headed our way later this week, and now was as good a time as any to start unveiling leaks from the upcoming tape. Sure enough, Bronson unveiled today a new cut off Blue Chips 2, entitled “Practice.”

Producer Party Supplies – who will reunite with Bam Bam Bronson for the bulk of Blue Chips 2 – is on the boards to give the track a rock-meets-funk beat and an Allen Iverson sample in tow, “Practice” has Bronson firing off rounds, insisting that both this song and these other rappers in the game are nothing more than a mere scrimmage as he continues to get better and spit better. At just under three minutes in length, “Practice” seems to shut off quite abruptly; but as far as starts to “Blue Chips Week 2013,” it’s pretty damn solid.

Action Bronson’s Blue Chips 2 tape, on which “Practice” appears, hits the internets this Friday, November 1st.