Basketball season arrives tomorrow. The world will be in a much happier place and so shall you and after Nike & Adidas already kicked off the year with impressive ads from LeBron James & Derrick Rose respectively, leave it to Pepsi to make a strong case for best ad of the season so far.

Kyrie Irving’s “Uncle Drew” has long become a fan favorite due to his interactions with Bill Russell and the long understanding that the only thing to worry about the game of basketball is getting buckets. With Kevin Love out due to what was probably considered “limited ability”, Uncle Drew heads to Chicago to see his old buddy “Lights” (played by current Denever Nuggets PG Nate Robinson) and “Betty Lou” (played by Minnesota Lynx guard Maya Moore). Nate had been bugging Kyrie to get into the series and revealed such in an interview with Dime.

Either the two of them forged a serious bond or Kyrie saw dollar signs in putting Nate in the makeup and wowing a few unsuspecting street ballers in the Chi. Just know, nothing gets more funnier than watching Maya Moore dunk on a few fools and hitting a nasty step back J. Drew’s looking for a big man to round out the crew — but who? Guess we’ll find out in chapter 4.