Jean Grae - Gotham Down II_Leviathan_cover

This is how I know is God is real. Or that Jean Grae is a woman of her word (either/or?) – at the start of the month, Jean Grae revealed the first installment in her Gotham Down EP series with the promise that another one would be coming shortly after. We thought “shortly after” would mean like around November. It actually meant this week.

Whether it’s because Cycle 1: Love in Infinity (Lo-Fi) had that much popularity upon popping onto the internets or because the Day & A Dream Breakout Queen has that much new material looming for us, Gotham Down: Cycle II – Leviathan is almost here, and to remind listeners of such, Greasy Jean unveiled another track from the project this morning, entitled “Football Season is Over.”

Propelled forward by a mellow instrumental of subtle drums and handclaps, Jean Grae’s rhymes are everything but on “Football Season is Over.” Jean aligns her flow with the beat, slowly but certainly spitting that real about insecure thoughts (“Finally found my place but I still hide between the sheets” and the inauthentic people that gave her a “false sense of camaraderie” until she learned better.

Jean Grae’s Gotham Down: Cycle II – Leviathan EP arrives October 26th; although you can preorder the album now at Jean’s bandcamp page with the added bonus of an early download of her song “F*ckery Level 3000.”