Phase Two of the Marvel Universe on the big screen kicked off with May’s Iron Man 3. Critics and fanboys panned it and the ending itself left plenty to be be desired. Still didn’t stop people from spending gobs on money on it and Tony Stark sitting atop the box office throne this year with nearly $400 million in his domestic coffer. And Disney knows the formula as to why.

Comic adaptations have long been asked to follow one particular rule (outside of casting the right people), use the source material. Don’t screw up backstories or origins because unlike a fresh Hollywood script or a rehash of an old movie there are decades upon decades of favorable material for our heroes to go through. That’s why catching bits of Walter Simonson’s original “Malekith the Accursed” story in Thor: The Dark World feels refreshing and that’s why the near complete lift of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an easy victory for all parties involved.

Cap’s back in a brand new suit and gets joined by Scarlett Johannson reprising her role as Black Widow, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Colbie Smulders and more but there are more than a few new wrinkles to work with. See, Robert Redford (!) is here as well as Anthony Mackie as the second black hero to be introduced in the Marvel Universe (Terrance Howard/Don Cheadle’s War Machine being the first), and Cap once more dealing with the idea of a geopolitical landscape where fear and protection are a very thin line — one he isn’t too comfortable with. So in typical trailer fashion he gets to fight, and blow things up and deal with the Winter Soldier who of course owns every single scene he’s in.

The darker dance into the Marvel Universe continues with Captain America: The Winter Soldier out next April.