With less than two months remaining in the calendar year, the current owner of the Best Houston Rap Release of the year figured to extend the good will of said tape by not only announcing a concert on November 19th but reaching out to the Chopstars and in particular Slim K to deliver the chopped not slopped version of his most recent pride and joy. That is what we get with the extended edition of Propain’s Ridin Slab, one of the few tapes in Slim K’s rather extensive catalog where most of the original material is rearranged, not just streamlined in a traditional track-by-track format.

Slim’s obviously taken plenty of cues from OG Ron C here, pulling down certain tracks to a well executed crawl and letting the chops make themselves more part of the proceeding. He’s not as openly dominant vocally as the OG but that’s never really been his thing. Rather, he’s almost like Candlestick’s distant cousin, ready to let the music do most of the work and the adulation to show in even further. As far as the purple version of Ridin Slab? Satisfies every little thing we asked for and then some when we started clamoring for it back in July.