The promo run for Lady Gaga’s third album ARTPOP has been all focused around how little to nothing she can wear and get away with. I argue that the jig might be up pretty soon but the diva and leader of the Monsters just seems to keep on going. Her latest record with R. Kelly (!) entitled “Do What You Want” channels the throaty vocals of Christina Aguliera in her X-Tina days, whispering in sultry tones, “do what you want, what you want with my body…” and Kelly echoing those sentiments head on. DJ White Shadow’s production dips and dives a bit much like Gorillaz’ “Stylo” single of a few years back but it ultimately works all together.

Oh and as far as the single artwork goes? Yes, that’s Gaga showing her cheeks in a thong and not much else. ARTPOP arrives on November 11.