I’ll be honest with you — the Houston Texans season is pretty much cursed.

The Chronicle should run a tombstone ad in the paper.

Vince Young is still sitting by his phone in Hiram Clarke waiting for it to light up with Rick Smith’s area code.

Duane Brown, Arian Foster, Ben Tate & J.J. Watt all got beat up in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jamaal Charles took out Brian Cushing in some form of illuminati sacrifice. Same knee that Cushing suffered a torn ACL in last season in Week 6 against the Jets. Now he has a broken leg and a torn LCL.

And Andy Reid is hitting the money dance at 7-0.

I don’t have much of a rhyme or reason to completely go into f*ck it mode with the Texans season but I’m more than prepared to say that at least at one position, things looked a lot better and a lot more fluid. That would be at quarterback of course. For six weeks, Case Keenum Truthers as they like to call themselves were calling for him to get the job. All it took was five straight weeks of interceptions returned for touchdowns, Matt Schaub getting accosted at his house and TJ Yates playing like dumpster juice in backup duty for it to happen.

And what did happen when Keenum started?

15/25, 271 yards, 1 TD and the first Texans game in the last 10 dating back to last season that did not have an interception.

That goose egg in the most scrutinized column for any Texans quarterback this season isn’t enough to completely give Keenum the keys to the kingdom but let’s be honest here. There were rare moments of dinking and dunking, checking down to tight ends and brain farts of throwing it short on 3rd and long to a tight end who was well short of the marker. DeVier Posey factored into the game, DeAndre Hopkins factored into the game, Andre Johnson did usual Andre Johnson things. Those previous two names besides AJ80 are also part of the Houston Texans wide receiver corps but you’d never truly notice it with Matt Schaub back there looking for Johnson and injured tight end Owen Daniels on a 95% basis.

Did the line fail him at times? Of course, Derek Newton has been a turnstile with dreadlocks this season, on pace to give up 20+ sacks by his lonesome and in other spaces, coverage up the field led to Case having zero options to throw. The fourth quarter was a clear revelation of this. 13 offensive plays, -1 yard gained, Gary Kubiak burning up every Texans timeout with only four minutes left in the game.

It wasn’t as close as setting Keenum up for failure but the NCAA’s all-time leading passer in terms of yards and touchdowns played the role of the old fable “Mighty Casey At The Plate”, striking out with a sack/fumble and effectively putting the Texans in such a ditch that it would take the most unreal 9-game winning streak plus plenty of help around the AFC to even win the division, much less secure a wild card spot.

The rest of the schedule seems manageable aside from land mines with Denver, New England and two games remaining against Indianapolis but when it comes to quarterback — Case Keenum should be suiting up in Reliant Stadium on November 3rd against Andrew Luck and the Colts.

Healthy Matt Schaub or not.