During the middle of Clemson’s humbling at the hands of Florida State, Twitter started doing its usual amount of loud reacting. What were users gawking at? Images being fed to us from the opening night of Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ tour in Seattle. We saw the mammoth mountain stage, the insane orb that might model a spaceship and immediately began to wonder why Kanye doesn’t get more props for being a consumate showman on stage.

Then we saw actual Jesus and could only say it’s ‘Ye being ‘Ye.

The 27-song setlist spans West’s entire discography according to Consequence of Sound with “Street Lights”, “Heartless” & “Coldest Winter” from 808s & Heartbreaks being performed for the first time in years it seems. All 12 Yeezus tracks were performed, including “Bound 2” which served as the set closer. Safe to say a hell of a Yeezy show is set to hit the rest of the country this fall and winter — and a hell of a conversation piece is set to kick off in the concessions.

Thanks to Don C’s Instagram we got a glimpse of what’s going to be sold as merchandise from this tour. Outside of the tour t-shirt which has a skeleton praying with the tagline “GOD WANTS YOU”, nothing seems more like trolling to get a reaction out of people than the Confederate stars & bars emblazoned on a shirt and some of them saying “I AIN’T COMIN’ DOWN” as a head/sub headline. I don’t need to be much of a rocket scientist (or black man from the South) to realize how iffy these shirts are but somebody is going to call them art and I’m going to be holding my hands up in a shrug pose.

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