Bigg Fatts Serves Up A Few ‘Appetizers’ On New EP [@fattyhaddy]


Last year, Bigg Fatts released a mixtape with a comical title but was nuanced enough to separate itself from being just another random mixtape. Instead, Fatts played to his strengths, hard boiled lyricism with a dash of humor attached to it. He’s openly accepted being big and that’s usually the first step when dealing with large rappers — either they overpower you by size or personality. Luckily, Fatts is great at both.

His Appetizers EP offers up the promise of being for the “intelligent ratchet”, which is a clear tagline for a middle ground between BeatKing’s astute talent to tap into the ID part of your ego and K-Rino’s whirlwind typhoon of technical rap skill. There’s the muddled synths of “I Ain’t Done Enough” where Fatts chants in rather anthemic fashion, “When I get that million, I’ma want a billion!” and it becomes quite clear that when he’s backed behind the likes of Track Whippaz, he gets his most diverse results. It’s a smart way to kick off a tape talking about yourself, letting the strip club handle things on “Throw It Back” & then cut off all high powered momentum and offering up twinkling notes on “Slow It Dine”.

Although, overindulging wanting someone to throw that box might be cannibalizing “Throw It Back” but that’s like Fatts to an extent — wanting to give you all sides of the plate without taking anything off of it. Appetizers at its best is Houston rap’s version of a lunch buffet — capable of being hard, sincere and nihilistic all in different shades.



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    My favorite track was #8!