Since it’s nearly 9 PM, I think we can officially pull back the curtain on not only Yung Nation continuing to do what they’ve done all over the South it seems by crafting rowdy party music but also present to you Kara Chase, also known as Vine’s Ultimate Twerker.

You see, Yung Nation made “Wurk Wurk Don’t Stop” to add to the analog that is a twerk mixtape for the people. For homecoming parties, activities and general behavior you’d be telling your friends about weeks down the road at a party or two. Kara Chase, a woman from up top (read Toronto) has already made a name for herself by twerking to plenty of songs and making certain all attention is paid not just to her talents but what could possibly be on the horizon with her.

In other words, we’ve just seen a perfect marriage for Yung Nation to capitalize on and for Chase to do-waa-ditty. Word to Zapp & Roger.