The idea that Chamillionaire died as a valuable rap commodity should have been buried when he released that EP of his this past Spring. As someone who’s far more comfortable in his own rap skin than you would think, Cham can release material whenever he feels like it and it still make a dent in someone’s life.

“Some Things Never Change” didn’t have to be a fire breathing, chest stomping anthem that swept up the nation and ushered another moment where Cham ruled everything on the planet, it just had to be Cham, that wonderful sing song flow of his that could easily hypnotize you for more than five minutes continuing to on about his daily life as one of rap’s more noted figures in talent, success and sometimes consequence. Will this eventually lead to his Poison album dropping? Who knows, that’s on Cham himself. Until then, we’re here with some new material from King Koopa — I think that’s good enough for now.