Friday afternoon, we’ll dig far more into what the rammifications for the Red River Shootout Rivalry between Texas & Oklahoma means for both respective parties but in the days leading up to their annual showdown in Dallas, it’s better we set things off with a little bit of separation on the tracks. Yes, OKC’s DJ View by default represents all things crimson and DJ Hella Yella is burnt orange down to the socks. Together, the two DJs represent that exact split in the middle of the Cotton Bowl where OU & UT reside like neighbors who honestly can’t stand one another.

Their second Red River Tape acts like a battle within itself — a myriad of chest thumping, shit talking anthems from the likes of Meek Mill, Future, Young Dro, Jay Z and more. There’s no perfect anthem to yell onto the field at present time than Dro’s “FDB” and there’s no track to saunter off the field swaying in the arms of victory with than Rich Homie Quan’s “Type Of Way”. The Golden Hat may be up for grabs on that Cotton Bowl soil Saturday but in terms of the club it might be a little too close to call between these two.