Yesterday, Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw tape hit DatPiff and the rest of the world followed correct protocol by downloading it, ripping it and figuring the best way to judge the music for what it was. The caveat attached to the LP was simple, Nip would be selling hard copies of the LP for $100 and it would have tickets for an upcoming show of his inside the copies. News outlets reported yesterday that Nipsey had not only crossed his goal of selling over 1000 copies of the tape (ensuring him a cool $100,000) but had done better than that.

But how exactly did Nipsey not only beat the middleman but skeptics as well? Think #newrules.

Jay Z himself posted on his Life + Times blog a photo of 100 copies of Nipsey’s new project and outfitted it with the hashtag #newrules, confirming what Nipsey posted on his Instagram account yesterday.

The question is, did the strategy even really work? Are we happy that Nip released a full project of material that could last the entire fall or is all the power and hoopla behind people being such dedicated fans of his craft that they bought copies of the tape at his Fairfax pop-up shop and Jay Z himself made certain goals were met?