Childish Gambino - Yaphet Kotto

Yesterday, Childish Gambino took to twitter to announce that the allegations and rumors were true, and that he not only was working on his sophomore album, but that the album was complete. The project, slated to be titled Because The Internet,” won’t arrive until winter break, which may be December or (more likely) January 2014. Glover previewed what may be the album’s first single, a freestyle called “Yaphet Kotto,” with a short clip of Gambino seemingly drowned in a pool.

Who’s to say whether this is a glimpse of “Yaphet Kotto’s” official visuals or merely an extension of Glover’s youtube film “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons”, but we can at least rejoice that Gambino set free “Yaphet Kotto” in its entirety for our enjoyment. After the jump, you can peep the aforementioned clip, essentially “Yaphet Kotto’s” trailer; but right down below, you can hear the full freestyle, three minutes – well, really, two and a half, as produced Stefan Ponce uses the final thirty seconds to roll out a catchy tribal beat – of Gambino bragging on his skills and challenging those who might still doubt his legitimacy as a rapper.