Seattle Seahawks v Houston Texans

When you’re fed up with your quarterback, you tend to go a few places. After watching Matt Schaub essentially turn into
a broken player over the course of these past four weeks, Houston Texans fans are irate with the starting quarterback and have gone so far as calling for his benching and him getting shipped out of town.

Well, that was the worst of it until Tuesday night.

According to CBS Houston, the Houston Police Deparment had to be called on a group of Texans fans who came up to Schaub in front of his home and in front of his wife and children and started berating him. “A fan went to his house and told him off,” said the source, adding that another person “took pictures of his family,” which were allegedly posted on Facebook. Fortunately, neither Schaub nor anyone in his family was hurt.

The fans left before HPD could arrive but by then the line had been crossed. Schaub has had his detractors in the city for years after failing to lead the Texans in big games and shrinking mightily down the stretch last season. He’s done no one any favors this year by throwing an NFL-record four pick six interceptions in four consecutive games. Schaub has been responsible for 45 of his team’s 131 points allowed this season, an average of nearly 10 points a game. By contrast, the Kansas City Chiefs, the NFL’s leader in scoring defense only allows 11 points a game.

Schaub and the Texans will take the field again this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

Photo — Getty Images