Alright America, we know you’re not that big a fan of the “new” Miley Cyrus. She’s overexposed, she’s not talented, she’s made a mockery of black culture, offended Michael Jordan, et. al. We get it. So did Saturday Night Live who in lieu of her Bangerz album getting released on Tuesday chose the 20-year old sexpot to host and be a musical guest on the show.

In terms of overall performance, Miley wasn’t bad. Not in the least bit. In a way, she actually did her job as host to a rather admirable degree hitting the right notes, telling the jokes we all knew were coming (discussing the infamous VMA performance in the Cold Open) and then some. What we didn’t expect was Taryn Killam playing a bronzed to death John Boehner and Miley playing a sort of attractive Michele Bachmann spoofing Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” video in honor of the government shutdown. Yes, there is twerking. Yes, there’s sad Obama peeping in the window while the “Retwerkicans” party forever but if you’ve heard the song a million times and watched the video — you might not find it as funny as the rest of us.