When you’re as vested in hip-hop as Bun B is, there shouldn’t be any stopping you from doing whatever you like. The UGK alum and professor of Trill has already started a crusade to get he & Shea Serrano’s Rap Coloring Book to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list and is set to become the first rapper to perform with the Houston Symphony as they celebrate their 100th anniversary. Still, there’s unfinished business on wax per se and on November 12th, he’ll deliver The Epilogue, the final piece in his ‘trill’ set and his first album since 2010’s Trill OG which was given 5 mics from The Source.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Bun said that he wouldn’t stop using the word trill but he felt his mission in pushing it has been completed. “I’m going to continue to represent “trill.” You know, the “trill” was just putting a stamp as far as really representing it and showing people what it meant to be trill. I don’t have to overtly do that anymore, but I still am the walking embodiment of what trill is.

There’s already one single out in rotation, the torch carrying “Fire” with Rick Ross & 2 Chainz but little else has been said about the LP, save for a track called “Cake” with Pimp C, Big K.R.I.T. & Lil Boosie.