Remember the last thematic offering Big SANT had from The Great American Mattress Sale? That “2 Much”? How it catered towards Texas lyricism and the bridge from the Lone Star State to the ‘Sip? Well, “Fire Water II” builds off of Crooked Lettaz seminal 1999 classic off of Grey Skies with David Banner on the beat and a trio of aggressive country fried verses from all rebel sons, Sant, Tito Lopez & the man who steers around in “Cadillactica”, Big K.R.I.T.

No, you may not partake of a mattress and try to sleep on this record. Or SANT for that matter. No matter how you try to define his current position in rap, understand the bare necessities. One, every lyric from here until he reaches the mountain top will be an attempt to grab listeners in the same vein as his kick in the door opening verse from “Return Of 4Eva”. Sant clearly enjoys his passions and his job in life and that’s to spread the country gospel, whether it be as a tour guide in Austin or rumbling on stages as a pimp preacher swinging his braids.