In high school, I loved what Mos Def did with The Isley Brothers’ “Groove With You”.

Back when you used to make playlists and burn mix CDs, every slow jam mix I had somehow had Mos Def’s “Beauty In The Dark” cover of The Isleys on it. There was no doubt about how much I enjoyed the song and how many different women I fit to the song. Those were during those days you thought perfect relationships could really be forged out of life long relationships instead of flat out chemistry.

Boy, if I could tell my 17-year old self what I know now at 25. But I think every single action you do on this Earth has an already predetermined consequence. That you’ll do so much in a selfless nature and ultimately be rewarded somehow in a manifestation you can’t even begin to comprehend. Patience is definitely a virtue, one I’ve grown to take in and enjoy. I’d argue plenty about the government shutdown and why most people who have regular jobs would normally get fired on the spot for failure to complete a task but I digress. I’m a mid-20s black man who finds more distinct pleasure in getting up and working every single day to chart out my life as opposed to waiting for something to break. Guess that’s the juxtaposition we all deal with, right?

Any way, dig on The Isley Brothers, groove out at your desk and get over this hump.

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