Today, the All Three Coasts Festival or A3C for short will take center stage in Atlanta, GA and much like last year’s festivities, plenty will be spread out throughout the city just for different takes on hip-hop, film and culture. And while we’ve made certain to indulge in everything Atlanta has to offer musically (minus the strippers for financial professional reasons these past two years, it still doesn’t hurt to educate those who are brand new to the festival in general. Here are five clear cut reasons to attend A3C and the room to room madness that usually takes place at The Masquerade.

01. The Lineup

A3C might have the largest lineup of straight up rap acts you might see all year from Bun B to Jean Grae to DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Madlib & OG Ron C. Diversity is always a big thing with the festival and almost no expense has been spared with this year. There’s regional themed sets, an arsenal of female rap acts, slight twists on reunions (we’re looking at you Da Triple 6), Atlanta new jacks, Chicago drill leaders and more.

02. Texas Invasion, Pt. II

Last year, the Welcome To Texas showcase was easily one of the far more enjoyable moments of the entire week. This year, Texas and Houston in particular jettison a major flux of talent over to the Peach State for some rap action including D-Risha who’s making his A3C debut, Doughbeezy, Propain, Killa Kyleon, Houston native turned ATL transplant Lecrae, League of Extraordinary Gz, The Outfit TX, The Niceguys, Worldwide & Yung Nation. That’s not even counting some of the media members from the city and others who are figuring out that Altanta in October is the move, much like Austin in March is a no brainer decision for musicians.

03. Mixers, Mixers & More Mixers

Normally the A3C’s main hub of public hangout would either be in Little Five Points or at the New Era store near downtown. This year’s a bit different with the Soul In The Hole 3-on-3 Tournament taking place on Sunday, Cipha Sounds bringing his Don’t Get Gassed improv show to the Old 4th Ward and the Combat Jack Show once more returning for a live broadcast. Def Jam’s hosting a mixer down there and Konsole Kingz is bringing XBOX 360s and PS3s for all the gamers looking to unwind and spark up a few rivalries via 2K14. Rap alternatives are a necessity at festivals and every year A3C attempts to make it easier not only on a rap weary fan but artists alike.

04. Panel Life

The education section on the A3C website is massive. We’re talking Dante Ross digging into how to build a buzz as an artist, locally known and nationally respected scribe Maurice Garland waxing poetic on a few things, Wendy Day dishing advice to young artists and how to expand your presence by building digital distribution, renowned tattoo artist Miya Bailey touching base on how tattoos and hip-hop are synonymous with one another and more. Names like Raheem Dukes, Young Guru, Jeff Weiss and more will all be offering their two cents on matters that will not only enrich a few artists who believe the right piece of advice could spark the next move to greatness.

05. Best Block Party Ever

All you need to know is Sunday, the Best Block Party Ever is happening. Young Guru is DJing, so is Questlove and DJ Premier. I think that’s all you need to know about how fun it’s going to be.

For more information on A3C visit their official website a3cfestival.com.