A beat tape from any notable producer is one thing. A unearthing of 73-tracks of instrumental soulful goodness is another. 9th Wonder felt so empowered by the memory of his late grandmother that he was compelled to release this tape entitled Bladey Mae (Grandma’s Blades). Thanks to stories told by family friends and more, 9th says he felt like he was sitting right next to the woman as she regaled him with stories about how she used to carry around blades to protect her and her children. The woman, who passed in 1965 was a child of the Civil Rights era, where segregation and daily battles with racism were the norm.

Obviously 9th wasn’t going to toss up the entire project for free, all 73 tracks worth so he’s teamed with DJBooth to release it. You can stream ten of the tracks below and purchase the entire thing there.