The constant struggle of trying to change the game.

That’s pretty much the mental synopsis for any young artist on the verge and Simple Mobile completely understands that. Their Change Your Game series is openly searching for the next big thing in different facets of creativity from skaters to athletes and musicians and giving them the opportunity to switch things up at least for a brief moment in time. Their first task? Head to Texas and pick up on somebody we’ve known to be pretty damn great for a while now.

Roosh Williams is a maniac. A double-time speed demon with good looks and a penchant for dropping some of the more clever punchlines in Houston. He’s been tasked with consistently running away from the stigma that befalls a rapper whose shade of color isn’t necessarily defined (he’s Persian, not white) while also making sure his skills are more up to par than say any gimmick currently running in music. In short, he’s boxing up a mountain knocking off different people like a Ladder challenge in Mortal Kombat.

Simple Media chose Roosh and along with the help of Levi Maestro & Justin Hunte from HipHopDX, all three get to peel back the curtain on Roosh’s career thus far and give him the opportunity few get to have — a four-track EP to be recorded inside of a professional studio oversaw by one of the more interesting characters in music, Like from Pac Div. Only catch is, the EP has to be completed in a 24-hour window. To see how it all came to be, watch the videos below.