Houston car culture has a rich history attached to it. We’re big on trucks, a bit of flash here and there to show off our decadence and independence from the norm but nothing and I mean nothing catches the eye like a candy painted slab gliding down the highway with its trunk open and a catchy neon display. The older model sedans from Cadillac, Ford and more have become part of rap history as it would seem and the Houston Arts Alliance Folklife + Traditional Arts Program wants to display such a proud history.

The first ever official Houston SLAB Parade + Family Festival will take place on October 20th from 1 – 6 PM at MacGregor Park (5225 Calhoun). Partnering up with Houston Museum of African-American Culture andWorkshop Houston, the family event will celebrate the SLAB, tricked out bikes, children’s creative stations, community booths, live music, dance, spoken word and more.  Bloc Boyz Click, spoken word artist Se7en and B-Boy dance ensemble Havikoro are scheduled to perform, and street artists SODE, Gonzo247, ZINK520 along with car customizers and  others central to this phenomenon will discuss their work.

Oh, and expect a grand car show to be held on the park grounds as well.