About three years ago at the H-Town Sneaker Summit, I met Grits founder Ruben Levi and his rather distinct look for a clothing company. Presentation in streetwear is always key and when Levi handed me about $40 worth of gear in a pizza box with the Grits bird giving me the wink and the gun, I knew right then and there that he had something on his hands.

Staying completely independent, Levi’s brand found its way in the direction of Jeff Staple, the Staple Design founder and curator of some of the world’s more innovative takes on streetwear. Levi & Staple met and Staple was so impressed with what Grits had to offer he propped them up to be part of Agenda’s SkillShare and the A Staple of Branding: How to Start Your Fashion Company class. The class, set to take place next year will highlight

  • Refining your Brand Name and Brand Slogan
  • The Philosophical, Technical, and Legal considerations to Logo Creation
  • Crafting your debut collection – telling a story through product
  • jeff-staple-skillshare

    “The “Gritty American Dream” for us is a staple to why we push so hard to raise above the others,” Levi said in a press release released to Skill Share. “Always creating fresh new Southern inspired work that will help capture the eye of the hard working man in the factory to the fields, to the city boy on his skateboard, or the classic car enthusiast, life is “Grits”. Hardwork, hard grinding, never giving up, and following your dreams.”

    Staple tends to agree. “This class is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, both those who want to create a brand and those who already have a company in its early phases, and anyone interested in learning what it takes to build a brand from the ground up like we have done with Staple Design”

    — Words: Brandon Caldwell | Concept: T. Piper