There are a few phrases we’ve lobbed at Paula Patton’s way. You know, inspiration for Andre 3000’s “Prototype”, “how did Robin Thicke pull THAT?”, “[insert male Day & A Dream staffer’s name] future ex-wife”. You know, the usual. So while she’s supposed to be making the rounds discussing her upcoming romantic comedy film ‘Baggage Claim’, she’s been basically defending her husband Robin Thicke for his participation in Miley Cyrus’ wholesale jack of twerking, her refusal to shoutout the twerk team and how Patton just doesn’t really seem to see the big deal about it.

While everybody on The Today Show set seemed enamored by her radiant beauty, leave it to Al Roker to use his duty as a weatherman to ask Paula to show him how she backs that thang up and puts it down in the bedroom, sort of. Patton of course obliged and an angel got their wings.

.GIF via TSS

Although I’m not too certain what happened with Al once the cameras stopped rolling. I don’t think he managed to keep his “print” invisible after that vessel of God and happiness gave him such a gift.