Calling all DJ’s….

A message from THE RegularJoe:

regularJoe“My professional name is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
I direct an open collaborative production company called — writers, filmmakers, musicians, editors, remixers, artists… come work with us! If you please.

So yeah I’m working on this short video for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s TV show about remixing, and how we learn and make new connections from the mixing & repetition of old ideas. And we’re looking for all of y’all to contribute!”

Here’s the request in video form:

 Record yourself on Camera answering these 3 questions:

1) Give an example of a remix in history. Think of something that many people might not think was a remix.

2) When did you remix something that someone else created? What was that experience like? Be specific.

3) When has something you created been remixed? What did it feel like? Be specific.

I’d love to have all the cool creative people here to talk about (or show!) what you’ve learned/discovered from remixing something in one form or another, and what you’ve learned about yourself and your own work from seeing other people play with it.

Re: RegularJOE
Jay Smooth