Back in 2006, when Pharrell was overseas doing a major promo tour of his In My Mind album, Giles Peterson was playing records by Don Blackmon and a host of others. I don’t remember if his picks were just because of who he happened to have in the studio and how their falsettos really made for some pretty great moments on wax or because Pharrell had handpicked them his damn self but whatever the case may be, it was an interesting time on BBC Radio. During the interview, Pharrell went over how “big” the album felt to him since it was his solo debut and how ahead of its time it truly ways. Critics panned it but In My Mind to this date is one of my favorite guilty pleasure tracks.

On that particular night, Heatwave’s “Star Of The Story” arose from the depths to snake its way into my eardrums. Every Heatwave fan knows their greatest song is “Always & Forever” and it’s been done to death by so many different artists, Luther Vandross especially. “Star Of The Story” is a moody, low tempo, and airy love song about a woman who no matter what the situation will always be first on a man’s mind and will be when he discusses her to his friends, family, etc. A brilliant love song really.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to get back into GTA like the rest of America.

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