It’s perhaps the best news of the month thus far.

No, not that Jhené Aiko dropped today the official version of her “Bed Peace” track that she’d previously premiered on Rap-Up Sessions. Granted, the track demands your attention. The official version sounds cleaner, if a bit more angsty and anxious (or “I just want to do nothing and have sex and breakfast in bed all day.” Or to use Jhené’s words, “Let’s get faded/ Gotta call yo’ job, tell ’em you won’t make it/ Ain’t nobody here, baby/ Let’s get wasted/ We should just get naked”); and it doesn’t hurt that Childish Gambino (whom Aiko playfully refers to as “childishness”) adds a verse, channeling some grown-man baritone in his bars. It’s Jhené’s second hit in as many days, assuming you’ve heard her steal and shine on Drake’s Nothing Was the Same cut “From Time.”

But no, the slightly more important news is that Aiko’s much-anticipated EP Sail Out – considered to be the bridge between Jhené’s still-in-rotation freEP sailing soul(s) and her under construction Def Jam debut album soul(ed) out – is coming soon. As in October 29th soon.

Which should make listening to “Bed Peace” below just that much sweeter of a listen.