If you want to know how I survived the greatest sports weekend we’ve had in quite sometime, just take into account of the fact I managed to squeeze in hanging with my new dog, getting a haircut, a nap and every sort of pregame thing imaginable before doing so.

In the midst of all of that I was able to (1) Watch Johnny Manziel do Manziel-like things in a 49-42 loss to Alabama that could have changed course depending on a few mistakes. I don’t necessarily think it all fell on Manziel as that Texas A&M defense looks more like the UH defenses Sumlin had before he got to College Station. (2) Flip between Texas’ destruction by the hands of those good ol’ boys from Ole Miss and Notre Dame’s ho-hum beating of Purdue to set up the Floyd Mayweather fight which (3) was as anticlimactic as you can get. The only thing that made even the smallest amount of talk on social networks was how C.J. Ross thought the fight was a draw. Mayweather had Alvarez so frustrated that the young Mexican superstar’s hardest punch? Hit the ropes. No, seriously.


I don’t know who Mayweather’s going to face, or who even thought there was a blueprint to beat him. Somehow we’re going to have a ton of revisionist history when it comes to Floyd, most of which coming in the latter part of his career from the moment he stopped Arturo Gatti in New Jersey back in 2005. The legend only grows. But after staying up until then, somebody had to sleep — that person was me and as I woke up around 10 AM Sunday, I was humming “Cold Blooded” while whipping pancakes. Because pancakes are a foundation of post-sports breakfast — and you know this.

(4) Afternoon football was stressful if you’re a Cowboys fan (like it is every Sunday, I suppose) and it’s starting to become that way as a Texans fan. I swear Matt Schaub wants us to have a love/hate relationship with him as he can’t notice DeAndre Hopkins ran the wrong route and make a mental note of it but can make the game-winning drive — for the second week in a row. Aaron Rodgers, aka AR-12 carved up the Washington Football Club, Chip Kelly’s offense will be fine but his defense is shaky in the light and even though I slept through the civil war that was Seattle vs. San Francisco, the best hit of the day came in the (5) Falcons/Rams game, AA-spinebuster style.


Plus, I’ve yet to see (6) last night’s episode of Breaking Bad or even dig into (7) the Drake album leaking. It did leak you know.

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