Chances are if you’ve seen me on Twitter, I’ve referenced “What’s A Telephone Bill” on a few occasions. It’s easily my second favorite Bootsy Collins song behind “Rather Be With You”. Bootsy would say something so slick on wax that you couldn’t even hear it today. It would be offensive, no matter how much free game he would be dropping. That and “What’s A Telephone Bill” has a distinct history within Houston hip-hop.

Take it back a decade or so, Paul Wall & Chamillionaire released their first joint album together in Get Ya Mind Correct. The Source hailed it as one of the best independent albums of the year and despite having absolutely no videos for it — it sold over 100,000 copies. “The Other Day” might be one of the top songs on the LP. There’s no disputing that “N Luv Wit My Money” might be the most fun track on the album due to Cham & Paul just tossing out wild punchlines that bordered on being possibly true. But, “The Other Day” slowly but surely ranks as one of those interesting personal cuts that features Cham only working on chorus duty while Paul knocked out a couple of verses about growing up and pushing on.

Bootsy’s was all about getting a girl’s number. And wanting to “breathe in her ear hole”, “say naughty nothings” and “wet her ear drum”. And just wanting to make sweet love to her. Simple things, right?

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