Did you sit up last night walking around your favorite bar or your house wondering how in the world your favorite team either won, lost or just had a bad night period? Did you even wonder if Gucci Mane even touched your girl? Let’s say all of those thoughts were running through somebody’s head in America.

But considering that we’re dealing with the morning after for a ton of different reasons, you still have to pull yourself together and hit a little jig before walking out the door. Not ‘Soul Train’ esque but a pretty damn good move or two to realize what you have to get accomplished today. Don’t worry, Charlie Wilson and the Kings of the Cowboy Outfit in The Gap Band felt the same way. I don’t know who told Charlie and company that performing on that stage would change the world or even would it earn them points in the hood but frankly, we’d all be without something if we never got this splendid video.

How do you explain glitter all over cowboy get ups, a band member trying to get some extra shine via screentime but ultimately failing to the greatness of CW and pretty much sucumbing to the fact he was the fourth most sought after member of The Gap Band and it being either a precursor or a follow up to “You Dropped A Bomb On Me”? Yeah, we’re just here for Tuesdays man, just here for the grind.

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