Kanye wasn’t the only big thing on late night last night. Jimmy Kimmel, he who is the king of making celebrities look like idiots decided to pull back the curtain on the insanely popular Worst Twerk Ever. The entire thing, which has since gotten 9 million hits on YouTube was a hoax — all created by him.

Yes, being throwing things at your computer screens folks.

Kimmel along with “Caitlin Heller” created a faux interview where she would detail why she uploaded the video. Kimmel then figured it was time to get closer to the matter at hand and reveals that “Caitlin” was in studio the entire time and is revealed to be real life stunt woman Daphne Avalon. The reason behind the video? Kimmel and Avalon made the video two months ago just to see where it could go and of course, it spread like wildfire. What happened after that? Major news networks got a hold of it, held discussions about it and pretty much left themselves to be skewered after the fact.

Congrats if you called it fake last week. I just got hosed like the rest of you.