Constantly, artists have come to me asking how can they spread their material through the right channels. Proper etiquette is one thing but when you’re chasing down people just to be heard, it can become frustrating and tiresome and just when you want to give it all up — a spark comes and you want to start all over again.

DEMOS: An Independent Artists’ Guide To Success is a documentary that details the early moments of certain rappers careers just trying to attempt to connect with people, shopping demo tapes, tracks, freestyles, anything that creates shorter distance between the listener and the rapper. Among those featured in the film are a who’s who of rappers who are on, aren’t on and are trying to get there. Names like Talib, Crooked I, No ID, DJ Quik, Skyzoo, El Prez all appear here, attempting to detail to those who want to get there how much of struggle it is to meet up with labels, radio program directors and more. It only takes one person to beleive and director Kareem Fort shines a ton of light on this.

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